Courier Business Awards – Tips and Guidelines

Tips and Guidelines

Winning a prestigious Courier Business Award can increase credibility, build your business profile and boost team morale. So how can you maximise your chance of scooping a sought-after accolade?

  • Be prepared to talk numbers. How have your actions impacted the bottom line? Provide any figures which demonstrate business growth/recovery and success. If a project is still being developed or has not produced results, consider identifying major milestones completed and the impact to the overall outcome.
  • Include all the evidence and information required by the category and consider the amount of supporting material. There should be enough to help tell your story and provide compelling evidence, but pages of irrelevant information is a definite turn off. The goal is quality, not quantity.
  • Answer the question(s) in the category fully and directly and ensure that the key words in those questions – for example ‘results’ and ‘innovation,’ – are woven into the answers. The closer you stick to the criteria, the closer you are to getting your hands on that award.
  • Judges will have scores of entries to read, so powerful opening paragraphs are vital. A bullet point opening section which summarises the key achievements can help the submission to pack a punch.
  • Third party testimonials will add weight to your awards entry.
  • Find a strong proofreader to check your entry for any niggling typos and spelling mistakes before submission.