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Future Offshore


Thursday 25th August 2022 

Content 08:00 – 12:00 

 Join us virtually or in person at The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen.


 Future Offshore – Energy Voice’s primer event for ONS 2022 

What is the future for offshore energy as the transition gathers pace and a new geopolitical landscape emerges?  

Energy Voice invites you to join us and industry leaders to shape the offshore agenda for the North Sea ahead of ONS 2022 in Stavanger.  

Our event will offer a powerful platform to the leading companies and people active in offshore energy to showcase their expertise and services. 

The event will feature three key sessions, each with a different focus: 


Session 1 – Energy security 

The energy industry must meet critical production targets whilst making the transition as a tough winter approaches. What are the options? 

Talking points: 

– How to meet rising demand for oil and gas as companies push towards 2030 net zero commitments. 

– The need for secure domestic energy supply/security in light of the Ukraine war and global pricing pressures. 

– Energy security and social licence for oil & gas developers.  

– Future E&P and supply chain opportunities. 

Plus more to be confirmed. 


Session 2 – North Sea: Energy transition frontier 

This session will explore decarbonisation in the UKCS and Norway.  Where are comparisons apt and what can each side learn from the other? 

Talking points: 

– What tech advances are driving the transition in the North Sea? 

– What can the North Sea teach (and learn from) other offshore basins? 

– Coexistence of O&G infrastructure with renewables; platform electrification. 

– CCUS, hydrogen and repurposing infrastructure. 

Plus more to be confirmed with our event partners. 


Session 3 – Skills transition 

What steps are required to reach the jobs and investment levels to ensure longevity of the offshore industry? 

Talking points: 

– Safeguarding jobs, attracting and retaining talent. 

– Which transferable skills will futureproof the offshore industry? 

– Which organisations are skilling up the workforce and enabling the transition? 

– New opportunities in wind and hydrogen. 

– Retraining, learning & development. 

Plus more to be confirmed with our event partners. 


You can register FREE to attend virtually or physically at The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen. Please note that in-person tickets are limited. 

Key Dates

25 Aug 2022 Event Day


07:00: Arrival, registration and breakfast
08:00: Session 1 - Energy Security
09:00: Refreshment break and networking
09:30: Session 2 - North Sea: Energy Transition Frontier
10:30: Refreshment break and networking
11:00: Session 3 - Skills Transition
12:00: Refreshment break and networking
12:30: Event Ends
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— A Tracking Transition Series —

June 29 – 15:00-16:30 (BST)



Geothermal has been identified as a key technology in the provision of sustainable energy. It is not dependent on weather conditions and geothermal power plants can supply baseload electricity.

And geothermal can also harness the skills and technology developed in the oil and gas sector to help drive the transition and shift to net zero.

It offers a huge untapped energy source that has the potential to drive up to 20% of the UK’s electricity and all of the country’s heating demand, making it an area that should not be ignored.

Energy Voice has joined up with Expro, an expert in geothermal, to showcase the potential of the technology to reshape the energy mix, enhance security of supply and advance the just transition from oil and gas to sustainable energy.

Join us to hear from Expro and a select panel of experts as they discuss what the technology is, why it’s important and what next for the sector.


15:00: Welcome and Introductions
15:30 : Panel Discussion and Q&A
16:30: Closing remarks


  • Image of

    Moderator - Ed Reed

    Content Editor, Energy Voice

  • Image of

    Dr Joseph Batir

    Geothermal Lead, Petrolern

  • Image of

    Dr Marit Brommer

    Executive Director, International Geothermal Association

  • Image of

    Max Brouwers

    Chief Business Development Officer, Getech

  • Image of

    Karl Farrow

    CEO, Ceraphi

  • Image of

    Ingrid Huldal

    Senior Manager, Portfolio Advancement, Expro

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–NEO 2.0–


Wednesday May 18, 2022

11:00 – 12:30 (BST) / 06:00 – 07:30 (EST) / 14:00 – 15:30 (GST)


The energy transition will need to harness an array of new technologies with solar PV, hydrogen and storage all playing a critical role.

These three industries each have their own merits and challenges. But the common thread, the drive to slash carbon emissions, means they will continue to attract substantial capital and create significant opportunities for the global supply chain.

In 2021, Energy Voice presented the first in our NEO series which focused on the US market. Now, in association with Bracewell, a leading law firm renowned worldwide for its unique depth and experience in the energy sector, we are delighted to present a follow up virtual event focused on new energy opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa.

The international energy industry can learn from the rapid development of these technologies in the region.

Register today to hear from our panel on how solar PV, hydrogen and storage are shaping the new energy mix, and how to capitalise on the opportunities this transition presents.

Email Laura Adam (Event Manager) or call 07976 702707';


  • Image of

    Clint Steyn

    Partner, Bracewell

  • Image of

    Oliver Irwin

    Partner, Bracewell

  • Image of

    Ronen “Ro” Lazarovitch

    Partner, Bracewell

  • Image of

    Andrej Kormuth

    Partner, Bracewell

  • Image of

    Daniel Calderon

    Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Alcazar Energy

  • Image of

    Brendan Cronin

    Director, AFRY Management Consulting

  • Image of

    David Smith

    Executive VP, Hydrogen & Decarbonization - Global Marubeni Middle East & Africa, Marubeni

  • Image of

    Ed Reed

    Content Editor, Energy Voice

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Invest ABZ


Thursday 26th May 2022

09:30 – 16:00

Join us virtually or in person at The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen


Join us as we lead the conversation on Aberdeen’s future as Europe’s energy hub.

This hybrid event will look to answer the question: why Aberdeen? We will showcase the innovative leaders and businesses that make investment in the city’s future a compelling proposition.

Our expert panels will share their vision for Aberdeen’s evolution as an energy hub in a net-zero world. And we will celebrate the people, skills and technologies on our doorstep, exploring how that local expertise leads the way both in the UK and globally.

Across two keynote sessions with Q&A, Invest ABZ will cover topics including:

  • Technology and R&D
  • Talent & Skills
  • Offshore wind & renewables
  • Supply chain
  • Decommissioning
  • Hydrogen & CCUS
  • Pipelines
  • Local business
  • Growth sectors & opportunities
  • Future of oil & gas in Aberdeen

Whether you are part of Aberdeen’s diverse business community, an investor or business considering greater involvement in this thriving market, or a representative of local or national government, Invest ABZ will provide essential insight into the region’s potential.

You can register FREE to attend virtually or physically at The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen. Please note that in-person tickets are limited.


09:30: Arrival and Registration - Breakfast
10:00: Opening Remarks and Keynotes
10:30: Session 1 - Why Aberdeen?
12:00: Networking and Exhibition - Lunch
13:30: Session 2 - What Next For Aberdeen?
15:00: Closing Remarks
15:15: Networking and Exhibition
16:00: Event Ends
Email Laura Adam (Event Manager) or call 07976 702707';


  • Image of

    Richard Lochhead

    Minister for Just Transition, Employment and Fair Work, Scottish Government

  • Image of

    Russell Borthwick

    Chief Executive, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce

Session 1

  • Image of

    Jeanette Forbes OBE

    Chief Executive and Founder, PCL Group (Moderator)

  • Image of

    Ron James

    Sales Director, STATS Group

  • Image of

    Megan Hine

    Fixed Gas Detection Account Manager, Draeger

  • Image of

    Bruce McLeod

    Energy Transactions Partner, Pinsent Masons

  • Image of

    Robert Taylor

    Business Development Manager, Stork

Session 2

  • Image of

    Maggie McGinlay

    CEO, ETZ Ltd (Moderator)

  • Image of

    Bob Sanguinetti

    CEO, Port of Aberdeen

  • Image of

    Cameron Fyffe

    Life Cycle Services Operations Manager, ABB Energy Industries UK

  • Image of

    Amanda McCulloch

    Chief Executive, TMM Recruitment Ltd

  • Image of

    Petar Cegar

    Operations Director, North Sea Offshore Operations, Bureau Veritas

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— A Tracking Transition Series —


Session 1 – UK & Europe: CLICK HERE to watch on demand



Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) is an essential solution for the world to reach net zero emissions.

CCUS will play a key role in reducing emissions from industries such as energy, steel, cement and chemicals and so provides a vital pathway to a carbon-neutral future.

Established infrastructure and vast offshore storage capacity gives the UK a strategic advantage when it comes to the storage of carbon. This will be key to the UK’s push towards net zero by 2050 with the country also well placed to support other European countries and their CCUS aims.

CCUS, the latest in our Tracking Transition series, kicks off on May 9 with Session 1 focusing on the UK & Europe.

This session will analyse the UK’s expanding CCUS sector and the rich export opportunities it will generate. There will also be a focus on developments in other European countries and the emerging synergies across the industry.

Together with our principal partners SSE Thermal and Gaffney Cline we will tackle key questions such as:

• How can CCUS contribute to energy transition goals?
• Which key projects are driving development?
• What opportunities does CCUS present the oil & gas industry?
• What does CCUS mean for a decarbonised supply chain?
• What are the challenges and opportunities around skills/workforce?
• How can the UK leverage its strategic advantage in CCUS?
• How can policy and regulation be improved to enhance CCUS development?

Session 2 in the series will focus on CCUS in Asia with Session 3 looking at the Middle East and North Africa. The series will conclude with Session 4, providing some insight on the evolution of the US market and consider Where Next? for this vital industry.


For all event enquiries please contact Laura on


  • Image of

    Hannah Bronwin

    Director of Business Development, SSE Thermal

  • Image of

    Ruth Herbert

    Chief Executive, CCSA

  • Image of

    Alan James

    Chief Technology Officer, Storegga

  • Image of

    Mark Wilkie

    Carbon Management Director, Gaffney Cline

  • Image of

    Salim Mousallam

    Executive Director – Decarbonization Strategy & Partnerships, GE Gas Power EMEA

  • Image of

    Ed Reed

    Content Editor, Energy Voice

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Session Partners

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Net Zero Workforce

Tuesday 29th March, 2022

Energy is going through seismic change. This will be driven by people – attracting new talent, and reskilling the current workforce.

Our Net Zero Workforce event will help draw the roadmap for change, inspire the next generation and shape the future of energy.

This hybrid conference, presented from the Chester Hotel in Aberdeen, will focus on inspiring the next generation of energy leaders and explore what the existing workforce needs to thrive in a post-transition landscape.

Together we will examine what new roles, skills and expertise are required for the Net Zero Workforce to emerge and thrive.

Simply click on the orange buttons above to choose the in-person event at the Chester Hotel, Aberdeen  or  to watch the event online as part of our virtual audience.

Register FREE for virtual attendance only  –

Buy tickets for in-person event   –

Session 1 – NexGen Energy

The first session will focus on how the energy industry attracts and retains talent as the transition progresses. This is the opportunity for energy companies to make their pitch for why the next generation of talent should join them and for our educators to present the pathway to a career in the industry.  

Proposed topics include:

Generation Net Zero (skills & education required for the transition)

What would schools, colleges and universities be teaching?

Apprenticeships & scholarships

Career opportunities in energy (offshore wind, hydrogen, net zero supply chain)

Culture, diversity & inclusion

Entrepreneurship & opportunity

Energy Companies of the future

Digital workforce


Session 2 – North Sea 2.0

The people currently working in our oil and gas industry will be vital to making the transition a success. Key to this will be the new skills, technologies and training requirements to mould the Net Zero Workforce.  In this session we will hear from the organisations supporting those in the industry as their roles evolve and understand the opportunities to reskill.

Proposed topics include:

Retraining and skilling up existing workforce

Utilisation of available human resource

Workforce configuration

Enhancing creativity & productivity

Switching to offshore wind

Gearing up for hydrogen

Remote working

Older workers in the net zero workforce

Investment in regional skillsets & resource

Register FREE  for  virtual attendance only  –

Buy tickets for in-person event   –


09:30-10:00: Registration
10:00-10:30: Opening Remarks
10:30-12:00: Session 1 - NexGen Energy
12:00-13:30: Lunch, Networking and Expo
13:30-15:00: Session 2 - North Sea 2.0
15:00-15:15: Closing Remarks
15:15-16:00: Networking and Expo
16:00: Event closes

Session 1 - NexGen Energy

  • Image of

    Nicholas Little

    Head of School, International School Aberdeen

  • Image of

    Anita Martin

    HR Manager, Well-Safe Solutions Ltd

  • Image of

    Lord Offord

    Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland HM Govt.

  • Image of

    Kate Wallace-Lockhart

    Head of Social Impact, SSE

  • Image of

    Jenny MacDonald

    Sector Development and Skills Planning Manager (Energy Transition), Skills Development Scotland

  • Image of

    Ewen Hay

    Director (Products, Services & Apprenticeships). Opito

Session 2 - North Sea 2.0


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Session 1 – The Energy Transition Forum

The Forum is the keynote session of the event and will set the scene for the day with the panelists delving into the big issues shaping the energy transition in the build up to COP26.


Session 2 – Net Zero Generation & Distribution

This session will be a platform for our speakers to focus on the huge changes under way in the generation and distribution of electricity as the energy system of the future takes shape.


Session 3 – Supply Chain in Transition

The supply chain will be transformed by the transition. This is creating anxiety as well as opportunity for companies and people. Session 3 will look at the risks but also the vast potential offered by a new look supply chain and workforce as the green industrial revolution unfolds.


Session 4 – Innovation in the Transition

Innovation is at the heart of the transition and how the world rethinks and restructures the energy system, both from in terms of production and consumption. The final session of ETIDEX 2021 invites the innovators to step forward and present their vision for the future.


Wind – A Tracking Transition Series

The final session in the series will ask Where Next? and is scheduled for September 2022. More information to be announced soon.


Session 3: The Global Perspective

Wednesday 15th June 2022

13:00 – 14:30 (BST)


Session 3 of the series, The Global Perspective, focused on the pace of development and opportunities in high-growth markets. On Wednesday June 15, which appropriately was Global Wind Day, our panellists discussed how learnings can be shared across the industry to mutual benefit as countries work towards their ambitious net zero goals.

Topics for discussion included:

·       Where are the global hotspots for offshore wind deployment and what can we learn from them?

·       How big an opportunity is floating offshore wind?

·       How can the offshore wind industry help to evolve the hydrogen economy?

·       What does offshore wind mean for a decarbonised global supply chain?

·       What are the challenges and opportunities around skills/workforce?

·       What opportunities exist for exporting expertise from the UK?

·       What engineering & technology innovations are driving offshore wind development?

·       Key project case studies from high growth markets.

·       Best practice regulatory and legal frameworks and how they support growth.


If you have registered for session 1, 2 or 3, you will automatically receive information on our future sessions; no need to re-register.

You can register now for session 4  via the “Register Now” button above.

Key Dates

1 Sep 2022 Session 4: Where Next? (provisional date)


13:00: Welcome and Introductions
13:30 : Panel Discussion and Q&A
14:30: Closing remarks

Speakers - Session 3

  • Image of

    Moderator - Hamish Penman

    Digital Journalist, Energy Voice

  • Image of

    Bahzad Ayoub

    Senior Analyst, Offshore Wind, Westwood Global Energy Group

  • Image of

    Paolo Formica

    Director of Offshore Wind, Falck Renewables

  • Image of

    Carlos Martin

    Founder and CEO, BlueFloat Energy

  • Image of

    Callum Maxwell

    Business Development Manager for Renewables, Proserv

Partners - Session 3

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My Weekly – Get Set for Christmas

My Weekly loves getting festive and this year we are embracing the warmth and joy of the season more than ever before. We would therefore like to invite you to join us on November 26 at 6pm as we Get Set For Christmas!  

This free virtual event will be two hours of festive magic, hosted by the lovely radio presenter Claire Stevenson. All you need to do is follow the link and sign-up, then sit back and enjoy the show!

My Weekly is famous for its spectacular food and recipes – especially at Christmas – and we’re going to pass on some expert tips to you. Watch as our food stylists weave their culinary magic – and show you how to do the same. And what’s more, we will be rustling up some cocktails to keep our spirits even higher, and we hope you will raise a glass with us! 

Join us and our lovely sponsor the Oddfellows for some fun craft makes. We’re going to create some simple, special decorations to add a touch of pizzaz to your home! 

Fashion and beauty experts from Look Fabulous Forever will be on hand with demonstrations and advice that will have you looking fab, whether it’s for a family dinner or a glamorous party.

And of course, Christmas should be a time for relaxation too, so the My Weekly team is going to get together to talk about one of our favourite subjects – books! We’ll be sitting down to discuss some of our festive reads, and our picks for gifts too. The team will be joined by a special guests including Strictly icon Anton Du Beke.


It promises to be a night to remember. We look forward to seeing you there! 



Register to attend this event and receive an exclusive subscription offer, with the chance to win our fabulous beauty bundle prize draw. Details below:

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·       PRAI Platinum Firm & Lift Night Crème

·       Vera Wang Woman Perfume 100ml


Details for this offer will be included in all pre/post event communications with those who registered to attend.


For any enquires please contact Becky Hendry (Event Manager) on



*Please note: the below itinerary is subject to change.

Key Dates

26 Nov 2021 Showtime


18:00: Stuart Johnstone, Editor My Weekly - A Festive Welcome!
18:02: Claire Stevenson Starts the Magical Show
18:05: A Merry Cocktail Demonstration pt. 1
18:10: Sparkling Beauty with Look Fabulous Forever's Tricia Cusden
18:30: Twinkling Crafts with the Oddfellows
18:50: A Merry Cocktail Demonstration pt. 2
19:00: Christmas Food Segment with Kathryn Hawkins
19:10: Jolly Book Segment with the My Weekly Team, featuring appearances from Jo Thomas and Anton Du Beke
19:35: Good Night!


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Planning for the Future



8am – 9am

Thursday 2nd December, 2021

Join the Press and Journal for our virtual Farming Breakfast to find out more about planning for the future. 

The event, organised in association with Turcan Connell and supported by Henderson Loggie and Galbraith, is being headlined by Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands Mairi Gougeon. 

Whether it be succession planning and passing the farm to the next generation, financial planning against the backdrop of post-Brexit labour shortages and changes to future subsidy support, our panel of speakers will share their top tips and advice. 


Key Dates

2 Dec 2021 Virtual Event


08:00-08:10: Welcome
08:10-08:40: Panel Presentations
08:40-09:00: Panel Q&A


  • Image of

    Paul Macaulay

    Partner, Turcan Connell

  • Image of

    Lucy Crow

    Head of Agriculture and Rural Business, Henderson Loggie

  • Image of

    Mairi Gougeon MSP

    Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands, Member of Scottish Parliament

  • Image of

    Tom Stewart

    Partner (Rural, Energy, Farm Sales, Valuations) Galbraith


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Session 1 – The Energy Transition Forum

The Forum was the keynote session of ETIDEX 2020 which looked at where the transition currently was and where it was headed. Our panellists provided insight into the future of the energy mix and the greener economy, setting the tone of the debate for the day and paving the way for the key themes to be discussed in later sessions.


Session 2 – Corporate Response to Net Zero

UK plc has a major role to play in framing the narrative around the transition, the future of our greener economy and what it means for business and consumers. This session was an opportunity for companies and organisations to outline their net-zero objectives with 12 months to go until COP26.


Session 3 – Renewables and Transition Infrastructure

This session addressed the major renewable energy and transition infrastructure development required, with focus on key technologies such as offshore wind. Scotland’s position as a hub for renewables made this session an especially important focus area and a platform for our panellists to present and debate their future plans.


Session 4 – Hydrogen and CCUS

Hydrogen could have a catalytic effect on the future of the energy mix and economy. The debate around green versus blue hydrogen was a core topic for debate in this session. This dovetails with the UK’s leadership in carbon, capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), another rich seam of discussion that our panellists delved into.