BioDundee International Conference

BioDundee International Conference

After delivering the 21st BioDundee International Conference the BioDundee Steering Group decided to take a new direction and are piloting smaller, more regular events delivered in partnership with members of the BioDundee community.  BioDundee delivered the ‘BioDundee Innovation Conversation’ in partnership with Research and Innovations Services at the University of Dundee on the 1st of December.   ‘Illuminate Dundee’ was a hybrid event with a virtual afternoon event and an evening in-person event delivered in partnership with Ambit, Amiculum and the University of Dundee on the 1st of March. 

The Steering Group are currently looking at options for future events.  If you would like to keep up-to-date with BioDundee events you can follow BioDundee on LinkedIn and Twitter, or view the events page on the BioDundee website.



Thank you to everyone who attended the 2022 BioDundee virtual international Conference. Please find videos of all of the sessions below.

Free Virtual Conference, Exhibition and Networking

Tuesday 17th May 2022

08:30 – 16:30 (BST)

The 21st BioDundee International Conference, accompanying exhibition and networking opportunity, will take place virtually on Tuesday 17th of May, 2022. 

The BioDundee conference has been running for two decades and is the longest-running and most established event of its kind in Scotland. The Conference will be virtual and delivered in partnership with D C Thomson & Co Ltd. The conference shall be a one-day event with accompanying exhibition and networking opportunities attracting attendees and exhibitors from the UK, and International, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Digital, and associated sectors. 

The title of the 21st BioDundee International Conference is ‘Life Sciences and Healthcare: Innovation, Collaboration and Growth’.

This year’s BioDundee Conference Committee is made up of members from the following organisations:

Dundee City Council
Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action
Henderson Loggie
Scottish Enterprise
Scottish Government
University of Dundee

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Session 1 – Getting ready for global growth sponsored by Henderson Loggie

Finance giant, Henderson Loggie, is delivering the very first session on the extensive BioDundee programme which will focus on Finance & Investment. Beginning with a 30-minute, four-strong panel discussion – chaired by Henderson Loggie’s corporate finance partner Rod Mathers – the session is ideal for businesses looking to grow. Speakers include Anne Muir of the University of Dundee, Jan Robertson from Scottish Enterprise and Sarah Willis of Intelligent Growth Solutions. Each panelist will bring their expertise and knowledge as they pass on their learnings about research, investment and raising funding. Participants will also hear from Aidan MacMillan, senior investment manager at Par Equity, about why Scotland is a good place to invest, before a short question and answer session brings session one to an end. 

View the Introduction, Welcome, Keynote and Session 1 here.

Session 2 – Working together towards sustainability

We’re on a journey towards net zero in Scotland, and the Life Sciences and healthcare sectors are working together to help get there. This BioDundee session will emphasise the importance of industry and the NHS working together to make a significant contribution to the vital sustainability agenda. Virtual attendees will hear from experts including Simon Doherty (Institute of Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast), William Walker (Endocryne), Professor Colin Campbell (James Hutton Institute), Dr. Mark Bustard (IBIOIC) and Phillip McLean (Scottish Government), chaired by Dr. Marian Bruce (Highland Boundary Ltd, Kirklandbank Farm and Affric Highlands).

View Session 2 here.

Session 3 – Innovation in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors sponsored by Research and Innovation Services (RIS), University of Dundee 

Innovation has always played a key role in the Life Sciences and healthcare sectors, but how does innovation look in today’s world? This session will focus on the importance of collaboration and sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience when it comes to making impactful developments. Sponsored by Research and Innovation Services (RIS) at University of Dundee, confirmed panellists include Dr. Scott Cunningham (MyWay Digital Health and University of Dundee), Mairi Dillon (CPI (Enterprises) ), Pooja Jain (CogniHealth), Mairi Dillon (CPI), Chris Hillier (Southampton Business School and University of Southampton) and Andrew Fowlie (Scottish Health and Industry Partnership).

View Session 3 here.

Session 4 – What’s next for MedTech in Scotland? sponsored by Scottish Health Innovations Limited (SHIL)

Sponsored by Scottish Health Innovations Limited (SHIL) and led by its head of innovation, Dr. Robert Rea, the ‘What’s next for MedTech in Scotland?’ session will cover a variety of timely issues and opportunities facing the health tech industry. From innovation and collaboration to the rise of AI, sustainability and the ever-changing regulatory framework, the focus will be on highlighting the unique attributes Scotland has to offer MedTech – including how our infrastructure can support innovation and attract investment. Dr. Robert Rea will be chairing a panel, all offering their expert insight to the discussion. This will include Professor Emanuele Trucco FRSA FIAPR FBMVA FAAIA (University of Dundee and Eye to the Future), Professor Colin Fleming (NHS Tayside), Dr. Ann Wales (Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre) and Peter Ellingworth (ABHI). 

View Session 4 here.

Session 5 – What the future holds? sponsored by Invest in Dundee and The School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

The fifth and final session of the BioDundee International Conference 2022 will celebrate the importance of collaboration and partnership working as Scotland’s life sciences and healthcare sectors look to the future. This session also explores what the global trends will be and is jointly sponsored by Invest in Dundee and the School of Life Sciences at The University of Dundee. Both organisations are a major part of the city, its growth and its future. Alison Culpan, director of ABPI Scotland, will be chairing the panel discussions which will feature five guest speakers from across this thriving industry, including Professor Alessio Ciulli, director of the Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation at The University of Dundee. Malcolm Skingle, director of Academic Liaison at GlaxoSmithKine, and Mark Cook, Chair at ABHI Scotland and Vice Chair of Scotland’s Life Sciences Industrial Leadership Group, will also be speaking as well as Dr Harriet Teare, programme director at UK SPINE at The University of Oxford. Delegates will also hear from Surbhi Gupta, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost and Sullivan before the session closes. 

View Session 5 and the Conference Closing Remarks here.


08:30: Arrival and networking
09:00: Introduction - Dr. Mhairi Towler, Founder and CEO, Vivomotion
09:05: Welcome Remarks - Professor Iain Gillespie, Principal & Vice-Chancellor, University of Dundee
09:15: Keynote Speaker - Adrian Gillespie, Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise
09:30: Getting ready for global growth sponsored by Henderson Loggie
10:00: Session 1 Q&A
10:15: Refreshment Break - Networking and Exhibition
10:45: Working together towards sustainability
11:15: Session 2 Q&A
11:30: Refreshment Break - Networking and Exhibition
12:00: Innovation in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors – sponsored by Research and Innovation Services (RIS), University of Dundee
12:30: Session 3 Q&A
12:45: Lunch - Networking and Exhibition
13:30: What’s next for MedTech in Scotland? sponsored by Scottish Health Innovations Limited (SHIL)
14:00: Session 4 Q&A
14:15: Refreshment Break - Networking and Exhibition
14:45: What the future holds? sponsored by Invest in Dundee and The School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee
15:15: Session 5 Q&A
15:30: Closing Address - Dr. Mhairi Towler, Founder and CEO, Vivomotion
15:45: Conference content closes
15:45: Networking and Exhibition
16:30: Event Closes

Introduction, Welcome, Keynote and Closing Address

  • Image of

    Dr. Mhairi Towler

    Founder and CEO, Vivomotion

  • Image of

    Professor Iain Gillespie

    Principal & Vice-Chancellor University of Dundee

  • Image of

    Adrian Gillespie

    Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise

Session 1

  • Image of

  • Image of

    Rod Mathers (Chair)

    Corporate Finance Partner, Henderson Loggie

  • Image of

    Aidan MacMillan

    Senior Investment Manager, Par Equity

  • Image of

    Anne Muir

    Head of IP and Commercialisation, University of Dundee

  • Image of

    Jan Robertson

    Interim Director of Global Trade, Scottish Enterprise

  • Image of

    Sarah Willis

    CFO, Intelligent Growth Solutions

Session 2

  • Image of

  • Image of

    Dr. Marian Bruce (Chair)

    Director and Distiller at Highland Boundary Ltd. and Kirklandbank Farm, and Enterprise Manager for Affric Highlands

  • Image of

    Dr. Mark Bustard


  • Image of

    Professor Colin Campbell

    Chief Executive, James Hutton Institute

  • Image of

    Simon Doherty

    GlobalScot (Animal Health, AgriTech & Aquaculture), Institute of Global Food Security, Queen's University Belfast

  • Image of

    Phillip McLean

    Head of NHS Facilities and Environmental Sustainability, Scottish Government

  • Image of

    William Walker

    Managing Director, Endocryne

Session 3

  • Image of

  • Image of

    Dr. Scott Cunningham (Chair)

    Chief Technical Officer at MyWay Digital Health and Senior Lecturer at University of Dundee

  • Image of

    Mairi Dillon

    Investor Relationships Manager, CPI (Enterprises)

  • Image of

    Andrew Fowlie

    Executive Lead for Life Sciences, Health, Social Care and Industrial Innovation and SHIP, and Directorate of Economy and Health and Social Care, The Scottish Government

  • Image of

    Chris Hillier

    Principal Enterprise Fellow, Dept. of Strategy, Innovation, and Enterprise Southampton Business School University of Southampton

  • Image of

    Pooja Jain

    CEO & Founder, CogniHealth

Session 4

  • Image of

  • Image of

    Dr. Robert Rea (Chair)

    Head of Innovation, Scottish Health Innovations Limited

  • Image of

    Peter Ellingworth

    Chief Executive, ABHI

  • Image of

    Professor Colin Fleming

    Honorary Professor of Dermatology, Clinical Lead, NHS Tayside Innovation, NHS Tayside

  • Image of

    Professor Emanuele Trucco FRSA FIAPR FBMVA FAAIA

    UoD: NRP Chair of Computational Vision at Univ of Dundee, SSEN, Computing, and EttF (incorporation expected summer 2022): co-director and co-founder for Eye to the Future (spin-off)

  • Image of

    Dr. Ann Wales

    Programme Lead, Knowledge and Decision Support, Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre

Session 5

  • Image of

  • Image of

    Alison Culpan (Chair)

    Director, ABPI Scotland

  • Image of

    Professor Alessio Ciulli

    Professor of Chemical and Structural Biology and Director of the Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation, University of Dundee

  • Image of

    Mark Cook

    Chair Life Sciences Scotland, ILG; Vice Chair NHS Scotland, Pension Scheme; Chair, ABHI Scotland

  • Image of

    Surbhi Gupta

    Senior Industry Analyst, Frost&Sullivan

  • Image of

    Malcolm Skingle CBE, DSc, PhD

    Director, Academic Liaison, GlaxoSmithKline

  • Image of

    Dr. Harriet Teare

    Programme Director UK SPINE, University of Oxford

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