Session 1 – The Energy Transition Forum

The Forum was the keynote session of ETIDEX 2020 which looked at where the transition currently was and where it was headed. Our panellists provided insight into the future of the energy mix and the greener economy, setting the tone of the debate for the day and paving the way for the key themes to be discussed in later sessions.


Session 2 – Corporate Response to Net Zero

UK plc has a major role to play in framing the narrative around the transition, the future of our greener economy and what it means for business and consumers. This session was an opportunity for companies and organisations to outline their net-zero objectives with 12 months to go until COP26.


Session 3 – Renewables and Transition Infrastructure

This session addressed the major renewable energy and transition infrastructure development required, with focus on key technologies such as offshore wind. Scotland’s position as a hub for renewables made this session an especially important focus area and a platform for our panellists to present and debate their future plans.


Session 4 – Hydrogen and CCUS

Hydrogen could have a catalytic effect on the future of the energy mix and economy. The debate around green versus blue hydrogen was a core topic for debate in this session. This dovetails with the UK’s leadership in carbon, capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), another rich seam of discussion that our panellists delved into.