Thursday 3rd November, 2022

08:55 – 15:30 (BST)

Join us virtually or in person at Aberdeen Science Centre


How do we maintain momentum in the energy transition in an era of energy insecurity?

This key question challenges policymakers around the world as the price of energy skyrockets and consumers face crippling bills.

But the switch to clean energy is critical to solving the energy trilemma and debate on how to achieve this in a sustainable and cost efficient way is essential.

With this in mind Energy Voice is proud to bring you our third ETIDEX conference. This year’s event will take place at the Aberdeen Science Centre, in recognition of the innovative thinking and technological advances needed to drive the transition forward.

Our in-person audience will be joined by a large online cohort from around the world to hear from a select group of energy leaders as they exchange ideas across four key sessions.

Session 1 – Energy Transition Forum

The Forum is the principal session of the ETIDEX events. This session will kick off the event by teeing up some of the major themes currently shaping the energy transition.

Session 2 – The Hydrogen Hub

This session will look at the evolution of the hydrogen economy. It will pick up on and develop the key themes surfaced in our highly successful four-part Tracking Transition series on Hydrogen.

Session 3 – Wind, INTOG & Electrification

The Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) offshore wind leasing process is key to efforts to power oil and gas infrastructure with green electricity. This session will look at the process, the bidders and the technology that will reshape how offshore platforms are powered with broader consideration of the offshore wind sector.

Session 4 – Scaling Energy Storage

The growth of intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar threatens system stability. The game-changer in this space will be the massive expansion of industrial-scale and distributed energy storage. Session 4 will look at the technology, policy and commercial pre-requisites for the widespread adoption of storage solutions.


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