Future North Sea (FNS) 2022

Future North Sea (FNS) 2022

January 27, 2022  



What will the future of the North Sea look like? Which technologies are needed to make the basin fit for purpose in a net zero world?  

Energy Voice invites you to join us and a select group of industry leaders to scope out the future of energy development in the North Sea ahead of Offshore Europe 2022.  

Our virtual event will create a unique platform for the companies and people shaping the roadmap for the North Sea to showcase their expertise and services.  

The event will feature two plenary sessions, each with a different focus covering the key themes of Net Zero Decommissioning and Transition Technologies.  

The panels will feature speakers from our partners presenting to a large online audience before debating the key themes under consideration. 

Scheduled for Thursday, January 27, the event will serve as a primer for Offshore Europe 2022, which kicks off in Aberdeen the following week.  

Register now to join the conversation and hear from the companies and people shaping the future of the North Sea.  


Session 1 – Net Zero Decom  

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Decom and the Energy Transition  

Repurposing Infrastructure  

Innovation & Adoption  

Supply Chain Evolution  


Asset Integrity/Life Extension  

Platform Electrification  

Skills & Just Transition  


Session 2 – Transition Tech  

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Digital Twins  


Data Management  

Remote Operating Technology  

Platform Electrification  

Blue Economy 


FNS 2022 Agenda – Detailed

10:15-10:30 – Opening Remarks 

10:30-12:00 – Session 1 – Net Zero Decom 

This session will assess the role of decommissioning within the parameters of a net zero world. The removal and repurposing of infrastructure is a key step in the energy transition. Leaders in the field will have the opportunity to present and discuss how their services are vital to the evolution of the North Sea from a mature oil and gas basin to a renewable energy powerhouse. Proposed topics for discussion include: 

Decom and the Energy Transition 

Repurposing Infrastructure 

Innovation & Adoption 

Supply Chain Evolution 


Asset Integrity/Life Extension 

Platform Electrification 

Skills & Just Transition 

Plus more TBC 

12:00-13:00 – Networking and Expo Area open to Delegates 

13:00-14:30 – Session 2 – Transition Tech 

The second session of FNS 2022 will focus on the new technologies and innovations driving change in the North Sea. Technological advances and adoption plus digitalisation will be critical in enhancing efficiency and expediting the shift to a net zero future. Proposed topics for discussion include: 


Digital Twins 


Data Management  

Remote Operating Technology 

Platform Electrification 

Blue Economy 

Plus more TBC 

14:30-14:45 – Closing Remarks

14:30-15:00 – Expo Area Open to Delegates

15:00 – Event Close


10:15-10:30: Opening Remarks
10:30-12:00: Session 1 - Net Zero Decom
12:00-13:00: Networking and Expo Area Open
13:00-14:30: Session 2 - Transition Tech
14:30-14:45: Closing Remarks
14:30-15:00: Expo Area Open

Session 1 - Net Zero Decom

  • Image of

    Pauline Innes

    Head of Decommissioning Oil & Gas Authority

  • Image of

    Sam Long

    Interim CEO Decom North Sea

  • Image of

    Alan Fairweather

    CEO Ardyne

  • Image of

    Mikki Corcoran

    Managing Director Europe Schlumberger

  • Image of

    Martha Vasquez

    Partner and Associate Director Boston Consulting Group

  • Image of

    Neil Pickering

    Global Strategic Sales Lead Bureau Veritas

  • Image of

    Donald MacKay

    Business Development Manager Schlumberger

Session 2 - Transition Tech

  • Image of

    Mary Thorogood (Facilitator)

    Government Relations, External Affairs and Communications Director Net Zero Technology Centre

  • Image of

    Gareth Davies

    Executive Director, Systems and Technology Oilfield Equipment Baker Hughes

  • Image of

    Dave Anderson

    Sales and Marketing Director (Diagnostics) Score Group

  • Image of

    Colin Longfield

    Product Development Manager, Sustainability Schlumberger

  • Image of

    Charlotte Hartley

    Stakeholder and Communications Lead Storegga

  • Image of

    Clive Sirju

    Senior Manager - Excellence & Assurance CNOOC International


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