Future North Sea (FNS) 2021

Future North Sea (FNS) 2021


The future of upstream oil and gas development in the North Sea is no longer clear.

The policy of maximising economic recovery has now been counterbalanced by the UK Government’s 2050 net zero target. But while renewables account for a rapidly growing slice of the energy mix, oil & gas demand continues to grow on the back of the post-Covid economic boom.

This situation has created difficult questions the North Sea industry must answer for it to remain sustainable.

How do we meet increasing energy demand whilst simultaneously reducing carbon emissions? What do the changes in strategy mean for the decommissioning of assets? And what is the outlook for mergers and acquisitions as the supermajors revise their strategies and private equity investment cycles conclude?

On September 6, Energy Voice will host Future North Sea (FNS) 2021, a virtual event that looks to provide answers to each of these fundamental questions.

Bringing together experts from across the sector, the event will showcase three sessions covering Net Zero Production, Decommissioning and M&A. These will feature presentations and panel discussions designed to provide your business with the innovative solutions, strategies and products required to thrive in the North Sea of the future.

Register now to join the conversation and hear from the companies and people shaping the future of the North Sea.


Session 1 – Net Zero Production

Future of exploration and production

Projects pipeline

Supply chain strength

Asset integrity/life extension

Platform electrification


Skills and Just Transition


Session 2 – Future decommissioning

Operator perspective

Decommissioning supply chain


Legal, tax & regulatory

Innovation & adoption

Market Changes


Session 3 – M&A outlook

IPOs and trade sales

New international entrants

Deal mechanics for narrowing valuation gaps

Impact of transferable tax histories

Market drivers


09:25: Keynote Speeches
Session 1 - 09:30-11:00: Net Zero Production
Session 1 - 11:00-12:00: Breakout rooms and networking
Session 2 - 12:00-1330: Future decommissioning
Session 2 - 13:30-14:30: Breakout rooms, networking
Session 3 - 14:30-1600: M&A outlook
Session 3 - 16:00-17:00: Breakout rooms and networking

Session 1 - Net Zero Production

  • Image of

    Andy Dodds

    Senior Business Unit Manager, Integrity Services, Stork

  • Image of

    Alan D'Ambrogio

    Market Development Manager, ABB

  • Image of

    Alexandra Thomas

    Managing Director UK, Neptune Energy

  • Image of

    Asmund Maland

    Group Vice President, Subsea and Offshore Power, Oil and Gas, Energy Industries, ABB

  • Image of

    Gary Fines

    Region Executive Project Director. Baker Hughes

  • Image of

    Brenda Wyllie

    West of Shetland and Northern North Sea Area Manager, Oil & Gas Authority

Session 2 - Future Decommissioning

  • Image of

    Iain Lewis

    CFO and Decommissioning Director, TAQA Europe

  • Image of

    Neil Pickering

    Strategic Sales Lead for Net Zero, Late Life Asset Management and Decommissioning, Bureau Veritas

  • Image of

    Mark Stephen

    Decommissioning Director, James Fisher Offshore

  • Image of

    Jody Lusher

    Business Development Manager, Bilfinger

  • Image of

    Callum Falconer

    Board Member, Decom North Sea

  • Image of

    Jens klit Thomson

    Chief Commercial Officer, Maersk Decom

Session 3 - M&A Outlook


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