Future Offshore

Future Offshore


Thursday 25th August 2022 

Content 08:00 – 12:00 

 Join us virtually or in person at The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen.


 Future Offshore – Energy Voice’s primer event for ONS 2022 

What is the future for offshore energy as the transition gathers pace and a new geopolitical landscape emerges?  

Energy Voice invites you to join us and industry leaders to shape the offshore agenda for the North Sea ahead of ONS 2022 in Stavanger.  

Our event will offer a powerful platform to the leading companies and people active in offshore energy to showcase their expertise and services. 

The event will feature three key sessions, each with a different focus: 


Session 1 – Energy security 

The energy industry must meet critical production targets whilst making the transition as a tough winter approaches. What are the options? 

Talking points: 

– How to meet rising demand for oil and gas as companies push towards 2030 net zero commitments. 

– The need for secure domestic energy supply/security in light of the Ukraine war and global pricing pressures. 

– Energy security and social licence for oil & gas developers.  

– Future E&P and supply chain opportunities. 

Plus more to be confirmed. 


Session 2 – North Sea: Energy transition frontier 

This session will explore decarbonisation in the UKCS and Norway.  Where are comparisons apt and what can each side learn from the other? 

Talking points: 

– What tech advances are driving the transition in the North Sea? 

– What can the North Sea teach (and learn from) other offshore basins? 

– Coexistence of O&G infrastructure with renewables; platform electrification. 

– CCUS, hydrogen and repurposing infrastructure. 

Plus more to be confirmed with our event partners. 


Session 3 – Skills transition 

What steps are required to reach the jobs and investment levels to ensure longevity of the offshore industry? 

Talking points: 

– Safeguarding jobs, attracting and retaining talent. 

– Which transferable skills will futureproof the offshore industry? 

– Which organisations are skilling up the workforce and enabling the transition? 

– New opportunities in wind and hydrogen. 

– Retraining, learning & development. 

Plus more to be confirmed with our event partners. 


You can register FREE to attend virtually or physically at The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen. Please note that in-person tickets are limited. 

Key Dates

25 Aug 2022 Event Day


07:00: Arrival, registration and breakfast
08:00: Session 1 - Energy Security
09:00: Refreshment break and networking
09:30: Session 2 - North Sea: Energy Transition Frontier
10:30: Refreshment break and networking
11:00: Session 3 - Skills Transition
12:00: Refreshment break and networking
12:30: Event Ends
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