Net Zero Data

Net Zero Data

– An Energy Voice & Snowflake Event – 

Wednesday June 23, 2021

15:00 – 16:30 (BST)

11:00 – 12:30 (ET)


From boardrooms to shareholdersand employees to customers, we are all becoming more acutely aware of the need for companies to meet their net zero targets.  

Net Zero Data encompasses a technology approach to reducing the carbon footprint attributed to the storage, movement, and processing of data — the appetite for which is growing rapidly among energy companies 

As these companies decarbonise their core businesses, they are looking not only at production and distribution operations as areas for improvement, but also at supporting functions and infrastructure. As large consumers of data storage and processing in both their core hydrocarbon and rapidly growing renewables businesses, the majors have an opportunity to meaningfully advance their net zero ambitions by transforming their data operations.   

Energy Voice’s Net Zero Data event will bring together a panel of experts to shed light on how data decarbonisation can help the energy industry progress more rapidly towards its 2050 goals. 

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    Ed Reed (Chair)

    Content Editor, Energy Voice

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    Christian Kleinerman

    Senior VP of Product, Snowflake

  • Image of

    Dan Jeavons

    Vice President, Digital Innovation and Computational Science, Shell

  • Image of

    Jan-Willem Jannink

    Managing Director, Global Industry X Practice and Responsible Value Chain Lead, Accenture

  • Image of

    Stephen Ashley

    Head of Offshore Energy 4.0, OGTC

  • Image of

    Nic Granger

    Director of Corporate, Oil & Gas Authority

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