Net Zero Workforce

Net Zero Workforce


Thursday 30th March, 2023

In Person Event – 07:15 – 13:00 (BST)

Virtual Content – 08:00 – 11:45 (BST)

Join us virtually or in person at the Aberdeen Science Centre.


The energy transition presents huge opportunity but has also surfaced problems that could be blockers to progress. One of these areas is the need for the energy workforce to evolve rapidly by attracting new talent and reskilling existing workers.

Our Net Zero Workforce conference, presented from the Aberdeen Science Centre, will focus on the massive upskilling, reskilling and training required to harness the vast opportunities offered by the change underway in energy.

Together we will examine what new roles, skills and expertise are required for the Net Zero Workforce to emerge and thrive. Across multiple sessions and workshops we will look to find solutions to key problems around recruitment and skills with a view to generating actionable outcomes for our audience.


Session 1 – Skills in Transition

The keynote session will focus on the new mix of skills needed as the energy industry gears up for the massive transformation, and explore how upskilling, reskilling, training and educational support can help achieve decarbonisation and net zero goals. Proposed topics for discussion include:

·       Upskilling, reskilling & training required for the transition

·       Skills innovation

·       Education and need for STEM

·       Culture, diversity & inclusion

·       Energy workforce of the future 

·       Why energy is a good career choice


Session 2 – North Sea Transition Powerhouse

The people currently working in the North Sea have huge talent and experience. What does the industry (and government) need to do to retain that resource and deliver a just transition? What is the jobs market like now? What are the challenges we need to solve to make the North Sea an attractive place to work in the future? How can we create new jobs and safeguard existing ones? Proposed topics for discussion include:

·       Job creation & recruitment

·       Utilisation of available human resource

·       Enhancing creativity & productivity

·       Supply chain

·       Local content

·       Offshore wind/hydrogen/CCS opportunities


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Key Dates

30 Mar 2023


07:15 - 07:55: Arrival, Registration and Breakfast
08:00 - 08:15: Welcome Remarks and Introduction
08:15 - 09:45: Session 1: Skills in Transition
09:45 - 10:15: Networking Break
10:15 - 11:45: Session 2: North Sea Transition Powerhouse
12:00: Plenary Sessions End
12:00 - 13:00: Exclusive Workshop for In-Person Attendees: Skills Innovation (email Becky Coe to sign up)
13:00: Event Ends
Email Becky Coe

Welcome and Introduction

  • Image of

    Ryan Stevenson

    Head of Energy Voice, Energy Voice

Session 1 Speakers

  • Image of

    Moderator - Matt Jacobs

    VP Operations and Partnerships, X-Academy

  • Image of

    Murray Edward Duguid

    Founder, Energy Insider

  • Image of

    Stefan Horsman

    Headmaster, Albyn School

  • Image of

    Margo Milne

    Director, Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) North East

  • Image of

    Gayle Veitch

    Director of IT, ISA

Session 2 Speakers

  • Image of

    Moderator - Nassima Brown

    Co-founder and Director, Fennex

  • Image of

    Kevin Coll

    Managing Director, Onboard Tracker

  • Image of

    Stuart Gardiner

    Operations Director, Hydrasun Group

  • Image of

    Alf Martinez-Felipe

    Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University of Aberdeen

  • Image of

    Amanda McCulloch

    Chief Executive, TMM Recruitment


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