Broons Awards

The Event

The Broons are undoubtedly Scotland’s favourite traditional family. Their values – care, compassion, sense of community and ability to keep smiling through life’s ups and downs, are all things we recognise in our own families.

And we know from the stories our readers tell us every week, that being part of a great family doesn’t necessarily mean blood relations.

Family are those who accept you no matter what, who make you feel secure, happy, loved.

They’re the ones you’ve made memories with, been loyal to, willed on to success. They’re people you can count on, who won’t let you down but will tell it like it is.

For some people family means friends, their ladies-who-lunch pals or football supporting clan. Others find family in community groups – kindred spirits with a shared passion, be it walking, gardening, bowling or baking. Family could be a team brought together by a charity goal or common cause.

Or a special carer or companion, someone to share the stories of the day with.

What families all have in common is being there for each other, no matter what happens.

The search for our winners is on and will be a real celebration from oor family to yours, rewarding those who share and demonstrate the same values of the newspaper itself – honesty, decency, integrity, fairness, warmth – and who go above and beyond to make a difference.

The Sunday Post, Maw, Paw and the gang look forward to our celebration of those wonderful families (perhaps even with a wee dram or two!) at the inaugural Broons Family Awards.




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