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Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) is an essential solution for the world to reach net zero emissions.

CCUS will play a key role in reducing emissions from industries such as energy, steel, cement and chemicals and so provides a vital pathway to a carbon-neutral future.

Established infrastructure and vast offshore storage capacity gives the UK a strategic advantage when it comes to the storage of carbon. This will be key to the UK’s push towards net zero by 2050 with the country also well placed to support other European countries and their CCUS aims.

CCUS, the latest in our Tracking Transition series, kicks off on May 9 with Session 1 focusing on the UK & Europe.

This session will analyse the UK’s expanding CCUS sector and the rich export opportunities it will generate. There will also be a focus on developments in other European countries and the emerging synergies across the industry.

Together with our principal partners SSE Thermal and Gaffney Cline we will tackle key questions such as:

• How can CCUS contribute to energy transition goals?
• Which key projects are driving development?
• What opportunities does CCUS present the oil & gas industry?
• What does CCUS mean for a decarbonised supply chain?
• What are the challenges and opportunities around skills/workforce?
• How can the UK leverage its strategic advantage in CCUS?
• How can policy and regulation be improved to enhance CCUS development?

Session 2 in the series will focus on CCUS in Asia with Session 3 looking at the Middle East and North Africa. The series will conclude with Session 4, providing some insight on the evolution of the US market and consider Where Next? for this vital industry.


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    Hannah Bronwin

    Director of Business Development, SSE Thermal

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    Ruth Herbert

    Chief Executive, CCSA

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    Alan James

    Chief Technology Officer, Storegga

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    Mark Wilkie

    Carbon Management Director, Gaffney Cline

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    Salim Mousallam

    Executive Director – Decarbonization Strategy & Partnerships, GE Gas Power EMEA

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    Ed Reed

    Content Editor, Energy Voice

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