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Hydrogen is increasingly touted as the answer to almost any energy transition question.

Should it be used for heating? For driving cars and aeroplanes? For storing electricity? As the next step for oil and gas producers?

There is a lot of buzz around the element’s potential to reshape energy and the economy. But what is the reality?

Energy Voice, in association with Deloitte, Fasken and Costain, are delighted to present a virtual event series that digs deeper into the prospects for hydrogen in order to separate the hard facts from the hype.

The first in this series of events, “Making the market” was held on April 29. This acted as the scene setter for the series and looked at the building blocks necessary for the emerging hydrogen market.

The second session on “Projects, infrastructure and finance” was held in June 17 and looked at where the money is flowing, which projects are the game changers and how infrastructure – existing or new – supports them.

The theme for Session 3 was “Policy focus & COP26 reflection” and was held on November 18. It looked at the policy requirements for a sustainable hydrogen economy and reflected on the recently-finished COP26.

Finally, the “Where next?” session on February 24, 2022 will take stock of the insight that has gone before and set the scene for the next stage in the evolution of hydrogen.

Register today to hear from the experts and join the conversation about hydrogen’s future role in the global energy system.

Key Dates

29 Apr 2021 Session 1 - Making the market
17 Jun 2021 Session 2 - Projects, infrastructure and finance
18 Nov 2021 Session 3 - Policy focus & COP26 reflection
24 Feb 2022 Session 4 - Where next?

Session 4 Speakers

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    Daniel Grosvenor

    Renewables Leader, Deloitte UK

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    Daniel Brock

    Partner and Chair, Government Relations & Strategy Practice and Co-Lead, Hydrogen Energy Advisory Team, Fasken

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    Jonathan Carpenter

    Vice President, New Energy Services, Petrofac

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    Ed Reed

    Content Editor, Energy Voice

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    Grant Spence

    Project Director - Decarbonisation, Costain

  • Image of

    Josh Carmichael

    Vice President – Hydrogen, Wood

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