Energy Storage

Energy Storage

— A Tracking Transition Event —


Tuesday, February 28

15:00-16:30 GMT



Storage is a key component in the shift to a more sustainable and decarbonised energy system.

The range of technologies and energy vectors available, the different strengths and suitability of each and the surging interest from investors as increasing amounts of new renewable capacity are added to the grid makes for a compelling story.

Join us to hear from a range of industry leaders as they discuss how storage will revolutionise the energy system.


Topics for discussion will include:

  • Why the buildout of storage is essential to the energy transition
  • What are the leading storage technologies shaping the market?
  • Which companies are leading the way in deploying storage technology?
  • What role does policy and regulation play in supporting the sector – and how can it be improved to enhance deployment?
  • What are the main finance and investment mechanisms for storage – and is there enough?
  • What does the future of the market and the wider energy system look like?


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