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Rachel Scott Bridal Couture

Did you know that as VOWS judges we don’t judge categories related to our own businesses?

I take my privileged position as a judge extremely seriously and I believe I have a genuine responsibility to all the hard working individuals within the Scottish wedding industry, to ensure my part in the VOWS judging process is stringent, fully transparent and beyond reproach.

As part of that judging VOW we take, we don’t judge any categories we’re too close to in our own businesses or personal life, we don’t see the entries for those categories at all. We leave the judging room while those categories are being discussed on judging day and many of us have also voluntarily removed ourselves from the discussion on any category where we personally identify even the smallest hint of a conflict of interest.

By doing so, we are ensuring confidence in the robust VOWS judging process and protecting the trustworthiness of the end results.

As a judge, I love this system. Protecting the integrity of the VOWS and the personal brand reputations of each of the participating judges, there’s no opportunity for corruption or bias and it validates why a vows award win continues to be held in such high regard.

My judging duties are now done for 2019 and I want to say a huge congratulations to all the finalists. To demonstrate a high enough level of customer service that entitles you to be listed as a vows awards finalist is not easy and you should be incredibly proud of the consistently excellent work you’ve shown you do for your clients!

See you at the awards dinner!

Rachel Snedden

Rachel Scott Couture