Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore has over 40 years of experience in North Sea helicopter operations.

Today our helicopters fly passengers to the UK’s offshore oil and gas fields from terminals in Aberdeen, Norwich, Blackpool and Sumburgh.

Experienced aircraft engineers and pilots understand the particular demands of North Sea flights and our customer operations are geared to provide a friendly and efficient service, with safety always at the heart of all our operations.

Babcock was the first UK operator to introduce the new ‘super-medium’ H175 helicopter in 2017. Together with the S-92 and N3 these aircraft now transport around 200,000 men and women to and from their work offshore every year.

Babcock is proud to provide a unique Oil and Gas Search and Rescue service, with two specially equipped AW139 helicopters providing round-the-clock cover for emergency response. Crewed by highly skilled medical and rescue professionals and carrying hospital-standard equipment, they take the emergency room to the patient – wherever they are.

By putting people and safety at the heart of all our operations, and with the support that being part of a 35,000-strong international organisation brings, Babcock’s customers trust us to deliver, so the UK’s critical Oil and Gas industry can maintain production even in the most demanding of circumstances.