Blackford Craft Distillery

Residing in the foothills of Aberdeenshire, nestles a once neglected 19th century steading. Rescued and partially renovated, Blackford Craft Distillery now resides there, distilling Vesperis Pictish gin and vodka in small batches on ‘Genevieve,’ our still.

As a family run, micro distillery, our focus is on creating spirits with provenance, history and authenticity, drawing on Scotland’s distilling heritage and the prehistoric legacy of the Picts in Aberdeenshire. Every handmade bottle of Vesperis has been distilled on site at Maryfield, using locally sourced and organic ingredients, then diluted with the freshest Aberdeenshire spring water from our aquifer.

Vesperis Pictish gin and vodka’s key botanicals are derived from the ancient flavour profile of heather honey and heather blossom, inspired by the heather mead brewed by the Picts of ancient Aberdeenshire, just 20 miles away from our distillery on the slopes of Bennachie.

Distilled with care and passion, Vesperis Pictish gin and vodka are smooth, balanced, craft spirits, providing an ancient twist on your contemporary tipple.

Blackford Craft Distillery – Innovative Spirits. Ancient Inspiration.