Carbon-Zero are an experienced energy and carbon emissions consultancy, based in Aberdeen, who support clients both internationally and across the UK in improving their carbon emissions status.

As an ambassador to the Circular North East, we have the knowledge in aiding businesses of all sizes to move towards a more sustainable future, as they work on achieving carbon neutrality. Our experience encompasses many industry sectors including, Oil & Gas, Transport, Waste, Agriculture, Forestry, Marine and Civil Construction.

With our combined processes and carbon footprint calculation tools we offer:

  • Energy and Carbon Assessments
  • Product Life Cycle Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Energy Transition Feasibility Studies
  • Support and guidance to meet the mandatory reporting obligations of ESOS and SECR
  • Advice and guidance to smaller scale businesses that do not fall within the current mandatory reporting criteria but have a target to decarbonise.

We also offer a range of technology and service assessments, enabling businesses to validate the carbon savings achievable through utilisation of their carbon reducing technologies or services.