At CHC, we reach beyond our legacy, achievements, and current high standards to constantly improve our fleet, technologies, safety, and employee performance. We reach beyond our customers’ expectations to deliver the highest levels of service and cost-efficiency. And we reach beyond where others go to transport people to the most distant and challenging locations worldwide – on or offshore.

We have decades of experience in quickly mobilizing custom solutions anywhere in the world, including some of the most distant and challenging locations both on and offshore. CHC provides offshore transport on six continents and operates one of the most extensive search and rescue (SAR) networks in the world with aircraft protecting offshore oil and gas workers in the North Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, both sides of the Indian Ocean and the Timor Sea. CHC also provides around-the-clock rapid response capabilities for a variety of government and private customers throughout the world. 

We know consistency is extremely important to our customers, which is why CHC is the only helicopter services company with a global infrastructure and global standards that allow us to identify best practices in one part of the globe and leverage them across the entire CHC system. Our global infrastructure allows us to accelerate innovations that enhance safety, increase efficiency and drive consistency across our operations worldwide. Couple the highest global standards in the industry for safety, quality and compliance coupled with our local expertise, we make complex operations simple for our customers.