Equinor 2

Equinor has been operating in the UK for over 35 years and is the country’s leading energy provider, supplying natural gas, oil and electricity. Headquartered in Norway, the company aims to reach net zero emissions globally by 2050.

Equinor is a leader in carbon capture & storage and hydrogen and is developing a number of projects in the UK. These include the H2H Saltend low-carbon hydrogen production plant in the Humber, its collaboration with SSE Thermal on two low-carbon power stations in the Humber (one hydrogen-fuelled, one with carbon capture) and a power station with carbon capture in north-east Scotland, the Northern Endurance Partnership which will develop CO2 transport and storage infrastructure for the Humber and Teesside, and partnering in the Net Zero Teesside project.

Equinor also operates one offshore oil field and three offshore wind farms in the UK and its expansion plans include Dogger Bank, the largest offshore wind farm in the world.