Fasken’s Global Energy Group can make a difference. Whether you are permitting a new pipeline or constructing a new transmission line, installing or refurbishing a generating facility, exploring renewable and emerging technologies, filing an application or intervention with a utilities commission, or starting an M&A deal on upstream assets or a renewables project, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals can help you succeed.

Business strategies in the energy sector can be complex. We advise private and public companies, utilities, lenders and governments involved in every aspect of the industry, from rate regulation to production agreements to multi-year, multi-billion dollar projects. Consultations with indigenous groups and local stakeholders have added another layer of complexity and are an increasing and important aspect of our work. We are also engaged in addressing strategic ESG challenges and opportunities, as the world looks to a zero carbon emissions and green economy future.

Ours is a truly global practice: the clients we serve and projects we’ve been involved with span North America, Africa and the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Asia. With offices across Canada, Beijing, Johannesburg and London, we are ready to help you realize your business goals.