Highland Game

Highland Game supplies premium venison from the Highlands.

Our venison is unique due to its natural origin – it is exclusively selected for the UK market from approved suppliers who meet our stringent demands for excellent quality control and can provide full traceability. The venison is cut and processed to the highest standard in our custom designed processing plant which has 100% Meat Hygiene Inspection, Quality Assured Processor, SQWV, EC approval and BRC accreditation.

Venison is pure and natural, as free range and organic as only wild produce can be – sourced from deer that have been free to graze and roam wild in the Highlands.

Venison is remarkably low in cholesterol and saturated fat. It is a pure meat and completely free from salt and other additives in its natural state. Whilst venison contains all the nutritional values of other meats, the fat content is the lowest of all red meats – HALF that of Lamb, and a Quarter that of Beef. It is exceptionally rich in protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and is a particularly rich source of vitamin B-complex (B-complex vitamins help the body release energy from food, and are involved in functions such as appetite control, vision, healthy skin, a healthy nervous system and red blood cell formation), making it an ideal food source to include in a well-balanced diet.

In fact, venison is so highly nutritious that even when serving a smaller portion that the recommended daily allowance for traditional meats, will provide the same feeling of satisfaction but with higher levels of nutrition.

Highland Game has won several awards:

The Supreme Award 2004, Scottish Food & Drinks Excellence Award

The Best Meat Award 2004, Scottish Food & Drinks Excellence Award

The Best Direct Marketing Award 2005, Scottish Food & Drinks Excellence Award

The Healthy Living Award 2006, Scottish Food & Drinks Excellence Award

The Outstanding Small Business Award in UK 2010, The IGD National Food Industry Awards

The Gold Q Award & The Fresh Meat Award 2010, The National Quality Food Industry Awards

The Success Through partnership Award 2015, Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards