Humanist Society Scotland

Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) is a Scottish charity seeking a rational, ethical and secular Scotland.  We actively campaign for equality, human rights and a fairer society.

We are well known for our Ceremonies and have around 120 Celebrants across Scotland.  We marry around 3500 couples each year and are delighted to work with couples to create a unique and meaningful ceremony and love working with suppliers to ensure that every couple has the day that is the perfect match for them.

When couples book a Humanist Society Scotland Celebrant they are helping us continue our work such as our School Visitors Programme, weekly T-Run and our international support to make the world fairer and more compassionate.

At HSS we believe that marriage and civil partnerships are based on mutual love and respect.  We also know that every couple is different and that is why our ceremonies are unique and personal.  Humanist ceremonies can take place indoors or outdoors, they can be simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary.  They usually include readings, music and an exchange of rings but can also include symbolic gestures, like hand fasting.

Humanist Society Scotland is the largest and longest standing provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland.  We have around 120 celebrants across Scotland and are the only organisation to offer the HSS Ceremony Promise:

  1. Developing Skills to Give You the Best                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             All HSS Registered Celebrants must complete intensive training and mentoring programmes before they are registered to conduct any type of ceremony.  Our celebrants are regularly reviewed and also participate in ongoing practice development opportunities.
  2. Setting the Standard
    All our celebrants work to a set of standards to ensure that your experience is the best it can be.
  3. We’ve Got it Covered
    It is very rare that a celebrant booked is unable to conduct a ceremony; and this would only be in extreme circumstances such as serious illness.  However, as the largest provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland we have the network to find a replacement, even at very short notice.
  4. Be Assured, We’re Insured We are delighted to have a reputation for providing high quality ceremonies and service.  Although it is only very occasionally that problems arise with our ceremonies couples can be assured that HSS Registered Celebrants are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.
  5. Best of All, We’re a Charity!
    Humanist Society Scotland is a Registered Scottish Charity and you can read about us at  As a charity we campaign for a fairer Society; provide humanist ceremonies, including funerals for those under 16 at no charge.  We’re also really proud to be the Humanist organisation that worked hard for legal humanist marriage in Scotland.

Choosing an HSS Celebrant for their wedding gives couples peace of mind through our promise to them, they are supporting a national charity and they will have an amazing ceremony that reflects them as a couple and that they and their loved ones will talk about for years.