Stephen Edmiston, Director of Operations, Ingenico:

“I’m  absolutely overwhelmed that we have won this award. When I first found out we had won I was lost for words. It is a tribute to the staff who have put so much dedication and innovation into making customers’ lives easier, through the solutions they provide. We are very proud of them all, and they absolutely deserve the recognition for all their hard work. What we do is provide seamless payment solutions, reducing the risk for customers in the payment industry. We have a large market share, and over the past year we have been working to retain that. We are all about innovation in technology, but at the same time we’re very customer focused – out customers shape the way we do business. Winning this award will be great for business, it’s a recognition not only of our staff, but our customers who have stuck with us and helped us develop our products. The awards ceremony itself was impressive. It’s the first time we’ve been to it and we were so impressed with the organisation and the atmosphere. We were very proud to have been invited and to have been part of it all.”