John Lawrie Group

John Lawrie Group is the leading provider of reuse and metal recycling services in Scotland. With strategically located SEPA-licensed facilities in Aberdeen, Montrose, Evanton and Lerwick (with a combined licenced capacity of 285,000 tonnes per annum) and all close to quaysides, the company is ideally placed to offer decommissioning services to the oil and gas market that deliver best-in-class compliance on sustainable waste management.

A new 9,500m2 metal recycling and decommissioning facility is currently being progressed within the Port of Dundee with a licenced capacity of c75,000 tonnes per annum, which is scheduled to open summer 2020.   The Company has established expertise and a strong track record gained over many years in managing and handling a variety of oil and gas decommissioning projects, including the downsizing of large oilfield structures, the processing of subsea and ‘piece small to medium’ items and the reuse of redundant materials wherever possible, all in accordance with client and regulatory requirements.