Ocean Winds

Ocean Winds is a new joint venture which brings together EDPR and ENGIE, two of the leading global renewable brands in a 50:50: joint venture for the specific purpose of developing fixed and floating offshore wind generation. World-wide, the partnership already has 5.5GW of determined offshore assets, and plans 7GW in operation/construction and a pipeline of up to 10GW by 2025 to make OW one of the world’s top five offshore renewable energy companies. The EDPR-ENGIE partnership already has a strong presence in the UK market, with stakes in Moray East – a 950MW offshore windfarm under construction and due to generate in 2022, and in Moray West, its neighbour, with consent for ca. 850MW. As a joint venture, the partners have the shared vison of offshore wind’s major role in transitioning to Net Zero, by taking sites from conception through construction to operation, and seek to lead development of future sites in the UK as they become available, creating further opportunities for investment, economic growth and jobs. OW’s Moray East, Moray West, and new opportunities teams are all based at the existing EDPR offices in Edinburgh.