Onboard Tracker

Onboard Tracker™ is the award-winning Crew Management Software for the Energy, Renewables and Marine sectors.

A scalable system, Onboard Tracker™ supports Operators, Service Providers and SME’s to maximise workforce utilisation for core, project and contractor crews, whilst keeping your people safe, compliant and informed.

Currently, the modular web-based Software as a Service (SAAS) supports crewing operations in over 100 countries and connects the crew planning, scheduling, training and competence of on and offshore mobile workforces moving and working all over the world.

The easy to use, lightning fast and globally available platform delivers real time data that empowers users to make efficient, informed and collaborative decisions in the often unpredictable world of crewing operations. Ongoing collaboration with clients, partners and crewing providers is not only shaping the software roadmap, but also solving real crewing challenges and shaping crewing industry standards.