Scottish Woodlands

Scottish Woodlands Ltd is a leading forestry management company with a long tradition of serving forest owners and investors in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Originally established as a woodland owner’s cooperative, our history can be traced back over 75 years.
The company has grown and developed significantly to become a major player in the British forestry and timber industry, delivering over 1,000,000 tonnes of timber per annum to UK timber processors, managing over 200,000ha of forest properties and planting more than 25% of private sector new woodland expansion. Scottish Woodlands Ltd provides a comprehensive range of forest, estate and land-related services.
We are client and customer focused and operate to the highest environmental and safety standards. As an employee-owned company that grew out of a woodland owners’ cooperative, now with an annual turnover of over £100 million, Scottish Woodlands has both the scale and commitment to provide a uniquely effective service offering for our clients.