Stirfresh, winners of The Courier’s Rural Business of the Year 2015 award, is a family business growing, preparing, packaging, and supplying fresh produce to a range of businesses. Our commitment to excellent quality fresh produce and healthy eating has always sat well with the family’s love of sport where healthy eating is as vital an ingredient of remaining in peak condition and performing your best to sportsmen and women as their personal training programme.

When The Sunday Post asked Stirfresh to sponsor the Sporting Families Award, we felt it was a great opportunity to recognise local families’ achievements as we do with more prominent sports men and women. Bringing over 5 decades of farming experience to bear, our fresh produce business meets the demands of the modern retail, food and catering industries. Our services extend beyond just delivering the freshest of produce to your door. Having raised our own family, we know that having the right help and resources makes life easier. With this in mind, we offer a range of support services to help enhance the profitability efficiency of our customers’ businesses or organisations. These include: health information literature; assisting in identifying the best delivery and supply options for each individual customer; help and advice on delivery & storage of our fresh produce; menu planning; and education services. We know that kitchens are busy places!

The more time you can save; the more efficiently you can operate. We offer special mixes freshly prepared and ready to use that significantly reduce waste and food handling with resultant health & safety benefits), that save you time and money, are prepared to your specific menu requirements. All this can be pre-packed in specialist packaging that conforms to your specification and can carry your own brand. Stirfresh are developing a range of Maw Broon’s products.

Currently available are our premium quality Maris Piper potatoes in Maw Broon’s Kitchen branded bags, our Maw Broon’s Homemade Vegetable Soup mix (ready to just pop into the pot for fast turnaround), and our Maw Broon’s Baby New Potatoes. Look out for more in this range over the coming months. Like our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news and developments.