Stoneridge Electronics CBA winner 2016

“As this was the first time that there had been an Export category, Stoneridge were delighted to have been selected as a finalist.”

“The other finalists were strong competition and therefore we were honoured and very proud to be win this category.  The quality of the event endorsed the value of the award and it was wonderful to be standing on the stage in front of lots of people representing the best in local industry.”

“Stoneridge had their bi-annual Importer seminar in Netherlands end November 2016, with importers from 20 countries attending the 2 day event.  Part of the event talked about The Courier Award, we displayed the trophy and thanked them for their support in helping us achieve such an accolade.  It has also been helpful in recruitment, as candidates have mentioned it in interviews saying it is one of the things that attracts them to us as a possible employer.”

“Apply!  It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your company’s capabilities and an excellent demonstration of the diversity of successful businesses throughout our region.”

Svetlana Bogdonova, Human Resources Manager, Stoneridge Electronics