Trojan Crates Limited

Family-run and proud of it, Trojan Crates has evolved from a joiner’s savvy business sense of meeting rising demand for bespoke crates supplying the oil and gas industry to a 33-strong company that now has a range of domestic and international clients.

Custom-made, high quality and always professional, the Aberdeen company has become one of the most recognised names in the crating industry, with the aim to deliver bespoke solutions on-time and within budget.

Trojan’s crates come in all shapes and sizes aimed at accommodating the most demanding client. Today, the crates extend from timber crating and packing to flight and transit cases and Aluminium cases.

The company also utilises Peli Protector Cases, CNC engineered foam inserts, Bott , Zarges  and Aluminium cases as well as bespoke joinery and industrial packing., along with wooden Mock-ups that are used for tool fitting trials.

These solutions have been geared traditionally towards the North Sea and international oil and gas, subsea and freight forwarding industry clients, but have diversified into other sectors.