UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance (UKEF) is the UK’s export credit agency, established in 1919. We support UK exporters, international project sponsors and buyers of UK goods and services, working closely with private sector partners, including banks, to offer a range of innovative and flexible finance solutions. UKEF can support UK businesses of any size and across all sectors, from capital goods to services and intangibles such as intellectual property.


In 2020/21, we provided £12.3bn in support for UK exports to 77 countries and increased our capacity to support export to over 100 foreign markets. We were ranked second internationally for the number of sustainable deals supported (TXF, 2020) and stand ready to support firms in their green transition, with £2 billion worth of direct lending dedicated to supporting clean growth projects.


UKEF has a network of experienced Export Finance Managers based in every UK region help businesses to level up their international sales. We have also expanded our internationally based regional heads, with responsibility for developing commercial ties and matching local projects to UK businesses.


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